Ensign National Championship Regatta 2023

Hosted by Fleet 70 Pentwater, Michigan

August 13-17, 2023

We were excited to host the 2023 Ensign Nationals. Ideally situated on both Pentwater Lake and the exquisite Lake Michigan, the PYC provided an outstanding venue for racing.  Our brand new clubhouse ensured time after the race was equally enjoyable. 

Award Winners!

Most Beautiful Ensign

Moxie #424

Benz Faget Trophy - to winner of the last race

Jonas Carpenter

Ray & Ann Torpey - to winner of the first race

Tom Groll

Mid Fleet Award

Corsair - Michael Twohey

Fifth Place - Dancing Bear 

Tom Groll

Fourth Place - Chasin Chickens 

Robert Williams

Third Place - Instinct - tie breaker for 2nd place

Jonas Carpenter

Second Place - Foxy Lady - Tie Breaker for 2nd Place win

Tom LaBelle

First Place - Moosey

Mike Derusha

Thank You Participants!

3 Sea III Robert Conkey

4 eyjafjallajokull Allison Price

11 Swoose Russ Carr

29 eh? Eric Seaborg 

160 Elan Jon Simpson

301 Firebird Mike Macina

313 M&M Mike LaHaye

363 Magic Robin Durrschmidt

424 Moxie Colin Irish 

425 Foxy Lady Thomas LaBelle

508 Chasin Chickens Robert Williams 

578 Dancing Bear Tom Groll

644 Hold On Doug Nelson

747 Jager Jim Collins

788 Shamrock Mike Bass

937 Corsair Michael Twohey

1033 Das Boat Tobias Biedenkopf

1072 Neeko Doug Tosa

1085 Lorelei Bud Brown

1116 Le Petit Grand Bateau John Mielke

1160 Spitfire Tim O'Connor

1161 List and Sail Quintus Renshaw

1226 Questar Jonathan Gorbold

1233 Dragonfly Dan Cubbins

1340 Legacy David Bluhm

1452 Joan!!! Paul Slotsema

1487 BreezieWeezie Ray Layman

1537 Il Vento Peter Zangara

1565 Instinct Jonas Carpenter

1576 Lickety Split Jim Knapp

1603 Orange Crush Tim Blackburn

1643 Irish Ayes Neil Lynch

1645 kick'n back Conroy&McKearnan

1692 Second Wind Mark Birkmeier

1774 Eagle Michael Lindvall

2003 Lucy John Van Zee